It is often said that your University years are the “best of your life”. However, nothing really prepares you for one of life’s toughest transitions – leaving full time education. ‘The real world’ for many University graduates is anxiety provoking, especially so in the midst of a pandemic accompanied by the toughest of job markets. In this situation, I found my directionless and lacking in both self-confidence and belief. That was, until I started working with Lottie. Lottie has inspired and guided me through wholesale personal change, helping me to bridge that crucial gap between full-time education and professional life. By asking the right questions and fostering an environment of positive (and powerful) accountability, Lottie’s coaching has increased my confidence to an all-time high. Through working with Lottie, I have been able to secure graduate employment and undergo a degree personal transformation, which I had previously not thought possible. For this, I am truly grateful and I would recommend her to anyone.





Lottie is a wonderful coach. Immediately easy to have open and constructive conversations with, pushes you with your ambitions, and gets you moving in the direction you may not have even known you wanted. Plus, you feel like you’re doing it all without her, which is the best way to feel, right. 




Lottie was hugely helpful to me. She inspired a degree of personal transformation, which I had previously not thought possible and for which I am incredibly grateful. I would recommend her at the drop of a hat.

Coaching Chl

‘Over the years I have tried counselling with different therapists but could never find anyone suited to my needs until I was introduced to Lottie. My sessions with Lottie have literally been life changing. After many years of suffering with severe anxiety and worrying, my life has finally turned a corner thanks to Lottie. She is a fantastic life coach and has a real understanding of turning a negative into a positive. I felt like she truly loves her job which made me feel so comfortable opening up to her. Our therapy sessions were always helpful and left me feeling very positive and confident. Lottie was always very flexible with sessions and even out of our allocated time she would contact me to see how I was and top me up with coping mechanisms or aids should I be going through a difficult moment. I have now taken control of my life, found new perspectives and tolerate tough times. I truly cannot recommend Lottie enough!’

Coaching 5 Paul

‘Through accountability, I have been able to make significant and life-long transformations in my life. Lottie’s empathetic and gentle approach allows me to dig deep to uncover what’s possible and to work out for myself which steps to take to succeed.’

Jane (60)

‘They say there are certain things in life that cause great stress. Well, in the past couple of years I’ve had a few of them: divorce, selling the family home, 2 heart attacks and having to stop doing the work I loved. My confidence was at an all-time low.


Lottie has helped me through these times.  To begin with I would wonder what we would speak about at each session.  Through guided questions she cut through the haze and gave me one little thing to focus on, which then made me able to move on a few steps.  Constantly building on the achievement of each step,  I started to find that Lottie would ask a question and I would just go off and not stop talking about, if I could do this, then I could aim for that etc., etc.,.  She would always remind me of what I had achieved, however small, and strengthen the basics. It is an ongoing process.  I am sure without Lottie’s coaching skills I wouldn’t be where I am today: completely new career, able to drive again, and happy in myself.


It’s a team effort, as in sport, the pupil has to listen and trust the coach’s advice. It’s the same with having a Lottie as a Life Coach.  If you want to improve listen to your coach.  I would recommend Charlotte Trump for Coach of the Year.’


Tutoring – McC

‘Lottie helped both of my children age 9 & 10yrs when we moved back from Belgium in July and during the beginning term of starting school. She helped them get to grips with English and with Maths. Lottie was amazingly patient with my son who is ASD coming up with many different ideas to encourage him. Thank you Lottie for all your hard work. It definitely paid off as both have really settled well in to the English system. I can highly recommend Lottie and would always use her again if needed!’

Coaching 2 CB

‘Lottie was very good at making me think about myself in new ways; quickly enabling me to think of targets that will help to make me get the best from myself in the future.’

Tutoring 3 CM

‘Lottie started tutoring my two boys a few years ago and we’ve never looked back. She has such a wonderful way with them, it’s almost as if she has special powers! She manages to get them to focus 100% (which no one has ever been able to do before!) but yet is very gentle and calming and I have never once heard her raise her voice, which is truly something to respect. My youngest’s performance at school improves dramatically when he’s seeing Lottie, there really is a noticeable difference in his grades and his attitude. She fires up his enthusiasm and helps him to concentrate and focus, which are his main problems normally. Lottie has all the qualities you could wish for in a teacher, and more. She is very special!’

Coaching 1 CB

‘Lottie has a real gift for getting to the hidden depths of a person without disturbing the waters too much. I have benefitted greatly from her approach to coaching and she has given me the tools I needed to create a calm yet purposeful approach to life. Her gentle way of drawing out the things that subconsciously hold us back and exploring new avenues to move them forwards would really help anyone build a more successful life for themselves.’