Inspired by my clients

My clients never cease to amaze me. Even at this challenging time, I continue to be amazed, inspired and sometimes overwhelmed by their creativity, bravery and imagination. It is this inspiration which has led me to writing this blog. What started out as an exercise for my client to describe ‘a day in your ideal life’ led to something quite extraordinary: a poem. Never before has a client of mine chosen to present this exercise in such a way, but oh was it powerful.

During these uncertain times, we can be left feeling a little lost, confused and unable to see clearly what may or may not lie ahead. This poem helped me to put things into perspective and to reflect on the beauty of nature and the endless possibilities the future holds. One of the best things about my job is that I get to meet and work with a range of people, from all walks of life, and that I am able to share these gems of inspiration with you. Sit back, relax and enjoy being in this moment reading ‘I feel Good’ by MB Taylor.


I feel good.

I had time to water the plants today,

the time to write this letter.

See, my time I spend it in my own way,

I feel like this way’s better.


My home’s my office, my office my home.

I don’t think that’s a problem.

I live with trees and buzzing bees, running

water flows through the garden.


In the morning I sit to use my brain

to write, question and answer.

In the afternoon I tend to my thing

we started for the children.


Over time it’s grown into something small,

I’m proud of my employees.

I hope we do our bit to start a world

where we remember to plant


before we pick the sweet pleasure in life

that seems to keep us going.

It’s fun to have a vision and chisel

together until it forms.


At times I visit uncharted places

where I talk and teach and give.

But most of the time resting here’s just fine;

we travel without moving.


A tiny annexe is kept warm and cute,

different people come to stay.

Mostly romancers or walkers we host-

the more they join the merry.


Now the writing is there to keep me sane –

research, articles, stories.

I never thought that a person might pay

to read my words and worries.


I think all this might just be right, only

Goldilocks can really tell.

I cannot wait to see if we achieve

as much that we dare to dwell.


MB Taylor

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