Jane (60)

‘They say there are certain things in life that cause great stress. Well, in the past couple of years I’ve had a few of them: divorce, selling the family home, 2 heart attacks and having to stop doing the work I loved. My confidence was at an all-time low.


Lottie has helped me through these times.  To begin with I would wonder what we would speak about at each session.  Through guided questions she cut through the haze and gave me one little thing to focus on, which then made me able to move on a few steps.  Constantly building on the achievement of each step,  I started to find that Lottie would ask a question and I would just go off and not stop talking about, if I could do this, then I could aim for that etc., etc.,.  She would always remind me of what I had achieved, however small, and strengthen the basics. It is an ongoing process.  I am sure without Lottie’s coaching skills I wouldn’t be where I am today: completely new career, able to drive again, and happy in myself.


It’s a team effort, as in sport, the pupil has to listen and trust the coach’s advice. It’s the same with having a Lottie as a Life Coach.  If you want to improve listen to your coach.  I would recommend Charlotte Trump for Coach of the Year.’