My 3 Ps – positivity, pro-active, passion

Launching my new website has been an exciting and fulfilling journey and I cannot wait to share my experiences and passions with you. I have always had a passion for learning and self-improvement, especially when it comes in the form of reading. Each month I will be sharing insights into the books I have been reading and I will make recommendations on different topics.

Life is about living fully, being open to new experiences and striving for the very best. In order to reach new goals, I have found it essential to live with ‘The Three P’s’ in mind – positivity, pro-active and passion. Following these, I truly believe it is possible to achieve anything.

This blog will focus on positivity, the first, and in my opinion, the most vital ‘P’ which we can use to make significant life changes.

Research suggests that being positive in our daily lives can actually improve our well-being, health, emotional responses and our relationships. However, being positive doesn’t just mean being happy. According to neuroscientists, only 5% of our brain activity is within our conscious awareness. This means that 95% of our actions, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours occur within our subconscious and often out of our control. Therefore, simply ‘being positive’, I’m afraid, isn’t going to cut it.

In order to truly conquer positivity, certain actions are required and these actions need to be specific and repeated in order to take effect.

The first step to living more positively is to start by saying positive statements out loud, as often as you can – the more times the better! The statements need to be present, positive, real and related to something you are passionate about. By embodying the statement (saying it, feeling it and visualising it), we can begin to live it, for real. This technique is something which I find particularly useful in my life and in coaching with my clients. Clients often tell me how quickly they have made significant changes by using this technique alone. Try it today and see the impact it has on you – I’d love to hear how you get on.

Remember, the brain is a complex system which needs repetition in order to change. It also needs time to adjust to new instructions. Aim to keep repeating your positive statements at least twice a day for two weeks and notice the change.

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